La totalidad del viento/All the wind

May 19, 2010

La totalidad del viento/All the wind

Twin highways suspended over dusk when all seems to indicate that memory ambitions delicacy are kaput, like the rental car of a tourist who penetrates into war zones without knowing and never returns, at least not in a car, a man that runs across highways suspended over a zone that his mind refuses to accept as a barrier, vanishing point (the transparent dragon), and the news says that Sophie Podolski[1] is kaput in Belgium, the girl from the Montfauçon Research Center, and lips say “I see seasonal waiters walking along the deserted beach at eight o’clock at night, slow gestures, a group swept away by the wind charged with sand”… “For a moment, a rather fat 11 year old girl lit up the public pool”… “and Colan Yar is after you too?”… “a black meadow embedded in the highway?”… A man is sitting on one of the balconies in the ghetto.  He writes postcards since his breathing prevents him from writing poems as he’d like.  What I mean is: free poems, without any added value.  His eyes retain a vision of nude bodies coming slowly out of the sea.  Later only the void remains.  “Seasonal waiters walking along the beach”… “The light of dusk clouding our perception of the wind”… “All the wind”.

(Translated by Tim Pilcher)

[1] Sophie Podolski (1953 – 1974) was a Belgian poet and graphic artist. She published only one book during her short lifetime, Le pays où tout est permis (The Country Where Everything Is Permitted), in which the poems were reproduced in her own artistic handwriting.


One Response to “La totalidad del viento/All the wind”

  1. hi there,
    thanks for the translation.
    I’m translating Antwerp into Farsi (Persian), and I came across “transparent dragon”.
    could you please help me with that?
    What’s meant by transparent dragon?

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